Dartmoor is magnificent walking country and provides Plymouth Ramblers with a brilliant range of walks right on our doorstep. This page offers you illustrated descriptions of some of the walks we do up on the Moor so that you can gain an appreciation of our walks. We are a large and active group, often getting two to three dozen walkers out on our Sunday and Wednesday walks every week of the year and on our Thursday evening walks in the summer months.

Well over 100 walks on Dartmoor are described here by Dave Pawley, walked between 1999 and 2006. Each includes descriptions of the route, distance covered, lots of pictures and outline maps for many of them. These were produced long before the days of Facebook and Twitter. Yes the pictures are very small; they had to be as memory storage was incredibly limited compared with todays terabyte hard drives.

Scroll down past this introduction to see the list of walks described, and beyond that for the interactive map of Dartmoor.

These descriptions do not give you a detailed description of a walking route and should not be used for that purpose. Plymouth Ramblers cannot be held responsible for the safety of people wandering around the moor without experienced leaders. If you want to see a wide range of Dartmoor and enjoy the walks yourself why not consider joining the Ramblers Association and walking with us.

The Dartmoor map gives you direct links to many of the walks selectable directly from the map. As you move the mouse over the map you will almost certainly find a link to a walk in the area. Click on the link and the walk will appear ( I hope). Although many of the walks are clickable from the map, where certain walks overlap too much, only one can appear on the map. If a walk is not linked to from the map it is annotated on the list below as NOM (- not on map).

Enjoy your virtual walking on Dartmoor, but the real thing is much more fun.

The Walks Described are:

  • Yelverton to Shaugh Bridge (8.5m)
  • Burrator to Crazywell/Cramber Pools (8m)
  • Plym Bridge and Cann Woods (6.5m)
  • Tavistock Area and Canal (7m)
  • Sparkwell and Hemerdon (8m)
  • Buckland Beacon and Other Tors (8m)
  • Burrator to Princetown and Quarries (12.5m)
  • Walking the Whitchurch area, near Tavistock (6m)
  • Walking around Dartmoor Prison plus a bit!! (5m)
  • Mary Tavy to Stephen's Grave, White Tor (13.5m)
  • Action Walk 1999 - Lee Moor Mine Workings (6.5m)
  • Bovey Tracey to Shaptor Rocks (9m)
  • Burrator, Eylesbarrow and Dittsworthy (11.5m)
  • Walkhampton to Merrivale (9m)
  • Shipley Bridge,Three Barrows & Huntingdon Warren (10m)
  • Long Ash, Bera Tor, R. Tavy and Buckland (7.5m)
  • EylesBarrow, Plymford, GrantsPot and Plymsteps (9m)
  • Princetown, Great MIS Tor, Ingra and Kings Tors (12m)
  • Newbridge, Dartmeet, Corndon Tor and many others (12m)
  • Plym Bridge to Goodameavy up the Plym Valley (7.5m)
  • Challacombe and Heathercombe from Bennet's Cross (10m)
  • North Bovey to the Nut Cracker and Hunter Tor (9m) 1st in 2000
  • Yelverton to Double Waters down the R. Walkham (8m)
  • Princetown, the two Hessary and other Tors (NOM) (10m)
  • Postbridge to Fernworthy Reservoir Circular (11m)
  • Widicombe to Grimspound via Heathercombe(10m)
  • Pork Hill CP around 10 Tors to Stephens Grave and back (10m)
  • Langage to Hemerden Moor via Lutton and Venton on (7.5m)
  • Whitchurch Down and Sampford Spiney from Horrabridge (8.5m)
  • Rattery based country walk south of Dartmoor (7m)
  • Brent Tor to the Lydford Gorge CP (9.5m)
  • Scorraton, Holne Moor and return via the Abbots Way (10m)
  • Brent Hill and the moors to the NW of South Brent (9m)
  • Belstone to Hangingstone Hill in the snow (12m)
  • Two Bridges to the White Tors and back via Devonport Leat (7m)
  • Bennets Cross to Fernworthy and beyond (10m)
  • Postbridge to Fernworthy & Soussons Wood (13m) NOM
  • Venford Reservoir to Huntingdon Warren (8m)
  • Up the Avon t from Shipley Bridge on 7 May 00 (NOM) (8m)
  • Shaugh Br. to Yelverton and Cadover Br on 10th May 00 (9m)
  • The Moorland fringes around Burrator on 14th May 00 (9.5m)
  • Okehampton and Military Camp area on 17th May 00 (8m)
  • Steps Bridge Mardon Down and Clifford Br 21st May 00 (8m)
  • Whitchurch Common up to Heckwood Tor (NOM) 28th May 00 (8m)
  • Prewley Moor, Meldon Res. and moors in area 4 Jun 00 (8m)
  • Whiteworks, Duckspool return via Eylesbarrow (9m) 14 Jun 00
  • Skirting Lustleigh Cleave and the River Bovey (8.5m) 18 Jun 00
  • Long Ash Walkham Valley to Double Waters (NOM) (7.5m) 26 Jun 00
  • White Tor and Roos Tor from Pork Hill CP (NOM) ( 9 m) 2 Jul 00
  • Ivybridge, Western Beacon, Hangershell Rock [NOM] ( 8 m) 19 Jul 00
  • Postbridge, Bellever and East Dart River (12 miles) 7 Aug 00
  • South and North of Two Bridges (10 miles) 12 Aug 00
  • North of Two Bridges into the Merrivale Range (11 miles) 16 Aug 00
  • Fingle Bridge, Drewsteignton & part of 2 Moors Way (12 miles) 3 Sep 00
  • Norsworthy Bridge to Child's Tomb NOM (10.5 miles) 4 Oct 00
  • Bellever, Sousson's Wood and Yar Tor (10.5 miles) 8 Oct 00
  • Three Barrows, Red Lake and Pupers Hill (NOM) (11.5 miles) 25 Oct 00
  • 3 Castles walk north of Mortonhampstead (11.5 miles) 8 Nov 00
  • West Devon Way Okehampton to Lydford (10 miles) 15 Nov 00
  • Denbury to Westland on the SE of Ashburton (10 miles) 26 Nov 00
  • 8 Tors around Pork Hill (NOM) (8 miles) 3 Dec 00
  • Hound Tor, Becky Falls, Bowermans Nose (NOM) (9 miles) 13 Dec 00
  • Cramber Down and Princetown Quarries (NOM) (10 miles) 24 Jan 01
  • Cadover, Shaugh Br, DewerSt, Ringmoor Dwn (NOM) (10 miles) 27 Jan 01
  • Cornwood, Yealm Head, Grim's Grave, Hen Tor (11 miles) 21 Feb 01
  • Haytor, Jays Grave, Honeybag and other Tors (NOM) (11 miles) 18 Jul 01
  • Willsworthy, Tavy Cleave and the Surrounding Moors (12 miles) 29 Jul 01
  • Tors round the West Okement Valley (12 miles) 01 Aug 01
  • The MIS Tors and north to the R Walkham (8 miles) 6 Aug 01
  • High Willhays and Yes Tor from Meldon Reservoir (12 miles) 8 Aug 01
  • Grey Wethers, Statts Hse and Waterfall (NOM) (9/10 miles) 17 Aug 01
  • Manaton, R Bovey Valley, Becky Falls (NOM) (8/9 miles) 26 Aug 01
  • Ivybridge to Three Barrows circular (14 miles) 29 Aug 01
  • Heathercombe,Hookney Tor & Challacombe (NOM) (10 miles) 5 Sep 01
  • Tavy Cleave, Fur Tor and Cranmere Pool (13/14 miles) 23 Sep 01
  • Newbridge, Lower Town, Jordan,CorndonTor (NOM) (10 miles) 14 Nov 01
  • From Haytor CP 10 Tors east of Widdicombe(NOM) (10 miles) 17 Mar 02
  • Belstone, Oke Tor, Steeperton and Cosdon (NOM) (11 miles) 14 Apr 02
  • Horrabridge, Vixen Tor, Merrivale (NOM) (11 miles) 24 Apr 02
  • Grimspound, King Tor & Mariners Way (10 miles) 28 Apr 02
  • Postbridge, Quintin's Man and Waterfall(NOM) (12 miles) 6 Jun 02
  • Up the Erme and Down the Yealm (NOM) (10 miles) 19 Jun 02
  • Animal Crackers Walk on the North Moor (NOM) (12 miles) 23 Jun 02
  • Pupers, Snowdon and Ryder's Hill from Holne(NOM) (10 miles) 24 Jul 02
  • Wacka Tor, Uncle Ab's Hse and Redlake(NOM) (11.5 miles) 4 Aug 02
  • Fernworthy Reservoir to Cranmere Pool (14 miles) 22 Sep 02
  • Blackaton X Penn Beacon Shavercmbe Falls (NOM) (9 miles) 24 Nov 02
  • Down Tor Cuckoo Rock Area(NOM) (4.5m) 23 Jan 03
  • Ivybridge to Tristis Rock New Waste Hanger Down (9.5m) 2 Feb 03
  • Shipley Bridge to the Erme and Piles Copse (10m) 5 Feb 03
  • A Perambulation of Crownhill Down (NOM) (6m) 21st Mar 03
  • Burrator Bluebells and the local moor (NOM) (9m) 11th May 03
  • Linear Two Bridges to Postbridge (NOM) (9m) 1st Jun 03
  • Grt MIS Tor and Hollow Tor (NOM) (4.5m) 26 Jun 03
  • Dartmeet, Rivers East Dart and West Webburn (NOM) (8.5m) 28 Jun 03
  • Tors and antiquities from Four Winds CP (NOM) (6m) 4 Jul 03
  • Tavy Cleave and up to Fur Tor (NOM) (10m) 13 Jul 03
  • Cadover Br to Legis Tor and Ringmore Down (NOM) (4.5m) 14 Aug 03
  • South Brent to Shipley Br and Ball Gate (NOM) (6 m) 17 Aug 03
  • Princetown to 9 Tors round Walkhampton Common (9.5 m) 31 Aug 03
  • Postbridge, Bellever Tor Brimpts Fm and E Dart River (9.5 m) 5 Oct 03
  • Smallhanger Waste, Hemerdon Ball and Mine (NOM) (4 m) 1 jan 04
  • Lane End above Tavy Cleave to Fur Tor and Cut Hill (NOM) (10 m) 25 Jul 04
  • Meldon Res to Yes Tor & High Willhays & Black Tor (NOM) (8 m) 15 Aug 04
  • Postbridge up the East Dart and onto Cut hill (NOM) (11 m) 25 Aug 04
  • Venford Res and the southern side of the Dart Gorge (NOM) (8.5 m) 5 Sep 04
  • Gutter Tor CP and Mines in the area (NOM) (9.5 m) 29 May 05
  • Postbridge CP to Grey Wethers and the Waterfall (NOM) (8.5 m) 2 Jan 06
  • Lane End CP through Tavy Cleave back via snow moors (NOM) (6.5 m) 26 Feb 06
  • But can you find them on the map below?? Please note however that with the large number of walks outlined, we are now getting walks congestion on the map and some cannot be accessed from the map.

    If you manage to locate a walk
    on the map you may be rewarded
    with the walk name popping up.

    Double click the mouse at the location
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    and starting grid reference.

    Steps Bridge circular walk Denbury to Woodland circular walk Belstone to Hangingstone Hill Okehampton and a loop up to the military camp High Willhays and Yes Tor from Meldon Res. Prewley, Meldon Res and Sourton Tors area West Devon Way, Okehampton to Lydford Tors around the West Okement Valley Yelverton to Shaugh Bridge  Shaugh Bridge to nr Yelverton, back via Cadover Bridge Yelverton to Doubl Waters Burrator Res., Crazywell and Cramber Pool Burrator, Eylesbarrow and Dittsworthy Moorland fringes around Burrator EylesBarrow, Plymford, GrantsPot and Plymsteps Ivybridge to Three Barrows Ivybridge to Tristis Rock and New Waste Cornwood Grim Plym Bridge and Cann Woods Langage to Hemerden Moor via Venton and Lutton Tavistock, fields, roads and canal Whitchurch area, near Tavistock Horrabridge circular via Sampford Spiney Walkhampton to Merrivale and return Lopwell Dam and Woods Long Ash, Bera Tor, R. Tavy and back via Buckland Sparkwell and Clay Pit Workings Buckland Beacon and Other Tors Bellever, Sousons Wood, Yar Tor Newbridge, Dartmeet, Corndon and Other Tors Scorraton up to Holne Moor and return via Abbots Way Venford Reservoir to Huntingdon Warren via Ryders Hill Challacombe, Heathercombe from Bennets Cross Bennets Cross to beyond Fernworthy Res Shapley, Grimspound, King Tor and Mariners Way Widicombe to Grimspound via Heathercombe Country walk in the Rattery area Postbridge to Fernworthy Reservoir Fernworthy Reservoir to Cranmere Pool North Bovey to Nut Cracker Rock, return via Hunter Tor Fingle Bridge, Drewsteington  + part of 2 moors way 3 Castles Walk North of Mortonhampstead Skirting Lustleigh Cleave and the River Bovey Princetown, Great MIS, Ingra and Kings Tors The MIS Tors and the River Walkham Two Bridges to the White Tors return via Devonport Leat Two Bridges north into the Merrivale Range South and North of Two Bridges and east to Powder Mills Postbridge, Bellever Tor, Lych Way and south back  by East Dart River Postbridge, Bellever & Huccaby Tors, Brimpts Farm and north up by the East Dart River Princetown and 9 Tors around Walkhampton Common on 31 Aug 03 Burrator to Princetown and Quarries Whiteworks, Duckspool and Eylesbarrow Around Dartmoor Prison Mary Tavy to Stephens Grave Circular Walk Willsworthy Range, Tavy Cleave and part of Lych Way Tavy Cleave, Fur Tor and Cranmere Pool Brent Tor to Lydford Gorge CP and return Pork Hill CP 10 Tor Circular Walk Cadover Bridge - Lee Moor Mine Workings Shipley Bridge,Three Barrows to Huntingdon Warren Brent Hill and the Moors north west of South Brent Shipley Bridge, Uncle Abs Hse and Piles Copse by the Erme Bovey Tracey to Shaptor Rocks