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Parts of Bodmin Moor are only 35 minutes from Plymouth, with it's proximity to us, it is no surprise that we do enjoy our excursions into East Cornwall to see a very different kind of moor to Dartmoor .

Here are the links to a few of the routes up on Bodmin Moor we have walked since the turn of the century.

  • Minions to Twelve Men's Moor and return via Siblyback Lake on 15 March 00
  • From Golitha Falls Car Park to Minions via Siblyback Lake on 12th Nov 00
  • St Brewards area and North Bodmin Moor fringes on 22nd Nov 00
  • Bolventor, Brown Willy and King Arthurs' Hall (12 miles) on 24th Oct 01
  • Bolventor to Lanlavery Rocks back via Fowey Head (11 miles) on 12th Sep 02
  • Around Caradon Hill to the Cheesewring from Tokenbury Corner (8 miles) on 3rd Nov 02
  • Minions up Caradon Hill, South Caradon Mines and a loop out to Siblyback Reservoir (8.5 miles) on 19th Oct 03

    For those of you interested in the industrial archaeology of the Minions to Crows Nest area of the southern fringes of Bodmin Moor pay a visit to the site developed by the Manley family who haveproduced a wonderfully informative site of 60 pages or more dedicated to the South Caradon Copper Mine in that area.

    Click here to visit the site